Design Considerations

Wherever you choose to focus your cooling and infrastructure efforts, there are many things you need to consider before you invest.

The following design considerations provide information about the construction, maintenance and daily operation of cooling systems.

For each option, its strengths and limitations are listed and the keys to success are described. These design considerations could mean the difference between a shade structure or evaporative cooling system that works extremely well for you for a long-time and one that disappoints.

  • Compost Bedded Structure Design

    Describes the technical aspects of managing a compost bedded-pack.

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  • Fan System Design

    Fans form an integral component in the evaporative cooling proceess, but their installation and design can increase their effectiveness.

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  • Shade Cloth Structural Systems

    The environmental stressors on shade cloth structures and design that will extend their effectiveness from their construction and maintenance.

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  • Solid Roof Shade Structure Design

    A well-designed shed can provide long-term protection from heat stress. Shed design considerations & passive cooling, along with building codes by state.

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  • Sprinklers System Design

    Sprinklers are most effective with good systems design, pipe selection, water quality and temperature.

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