IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As part of Dairy Australia’s commitment to improving how we communicate to the dairy industry, the Cool Cows website will transition to the new Dairy Australia website from early December 2020. The Cool Cows website will automatically redirect to with all information and resources for managing dairy herds in hot weather still being available at under the ‘Animal Management & Milk Quality’ section.

Australian summers are becoming warmer with an increased number of hot days and warmer nights.

High temperatures can impact herd health and farm productivity. Keeping your herd's core temperature within range will minimise these impacts. 

Dairy Australia's
 Cool Cows contains practical information on how to reduce the impact of high temperatures on cow productivity with practical advice on providing cooler conditions.

  • Cool Cows heat stress booklet

    The Cool Cows booklet is now available for strategies on how to manage heat stress in dairy cows.

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  • Are your cows too hot?

    What causes a cow to get hot and how can they keep themselves cool?

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In this video dairy consultant Steve Little shares some tips for effectively managing cows and mitigating heat stress during the hot, seasonal conditions.

Investing in farm infrastructure that prepares farms for warmer temperatures will create a long-term and integrated management approach for your business.

  • Is your herd getting hot?

    Increased breathing is the first noticeable sign of an overheated cow, but there are other, less obvious indicators.

    Heat stress is cows
  • Preparing for a long, hot summer

    A set of practical guides into the design features of shade structures, sprinklers, fans and trees.

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  • Protein during heat stress

    Find out how feeding fat has an added advantage in hot conditions.

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  • Top 10 considerations

    These Top 10 short-term and long-term changes to farm infrastructure provides options for heat stress management.

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  • Mating management

    Increased heat loads during periods of continuously hot humid weather can be severe on conception rates.

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  • Infrastructure

    How to make the most of sprinklers, fans and other tactics to reduce heat stress.

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